ClickFunnels VS WordPress – Detailed Review [2024]

by | Dec 23, 2023

To fully understand the concept of ClickFunnels VS WordPress, you should first know your business needs. Both platforms are very popular for creating businesses and among course creators.

1- ClickFunnels VS WordPress – Everything You Need To Know

WordPress is not just any ordinary website builder but a powerhouse for online presence.

Anything you can think of is possible with a WordPress website builder whether it’s a small, cozy website or a huge E-commerce store.

The amazing thing about WordPress is that you don’t have to be a pro coder to create stunning websites. You can use the prebuilt WordPress templates or create a website from scratch by playing with different sections and features WordPress offers.

Think of it as a Lego set, you have all the pieces(plugins, themes, and other options) that let you create something exceptional every time.

ClickFunnels on the other hand, is a more specialized tool for selling your stuff online. It is your best friend when trying to convert your visitors into happy customers. Ever heard of a sales funnel? That’s the specialty of ClickFunnels. It’s not just about having a website but leading the audience from curiosity to the final purchase. 

sales funnel infographics

Both WordPress and ClickFunnels are digital champs. Where WordPress helps create websites, blogs, and online platforms, ClickFunnels is a master of turning curious visitors into paying visitors.

Here’s the basic comparison between WordPress and ClickFunnels that will help you understand better:

Content Management System (CMS)Sales Funnel Builder
Highly customizable with plugins and themesLimited customization for funnel-building
More focused on creating websites and blogsSpecialized in creating marketing funnels
Open-source (free), hosting and domain feesMonthly subscription-based pricing tiers
Supports various e-commerce plugins and integrationsDesigned for sales funnels with e-commerce capabilities
Requires third-party hostingAll-in-one hosting provided by ClickFunnels
ClickFunnels VS WordPress Comparison Table

2- ClickFunnels VS WordPress – Pricing

  • Basic Plan – usually costs $147/month and includes 1 website, 20 funnels, and unlimited products. This plan is perfect if you’re a beginner or have limited needs.

  • Pro Plan – offers 100 funnels and more Advanced Features such as API Access. Also, you can host 3 Domains. This plan starts at $197 per month. 

  • Funnel Hacker – this plan offers unlimited funnels, and while basic and pro plans offer 10,000 and 25,000 contacts, Funnel Hacker allows 200,000 contacts.

ClickFunnels Monthly Plans

  • Hosting: Prices vary based on the hosting provider and the plan, ranging from $3 to $30+ per month for shared hosting.

  • Domain Name: Around $10 to $15 per year for a domain name.

  • Themes and Plugins: WordPress offers many free themes and premium themes ranging from a few dollars to even costlier ones depending on what you like. The same goes with the Plugins.


ClickFunnels pricing is structured around its all-in-one funnel-building platform, including hosting and features for marketing and sales optimization. WordPress offers flexibility with costs; while the software itself is free, expenses arise from hosting, domain, and any premium themes/plugins used, allowing users to customize costs based on their needs and budget.

3- CLickFunnels VS WordPress – eCommerce Experience

WordPress with various integrations like WooCommerce makes it completely hassle-free to build online stores. When you install WooCommerce to your eCommerce website, new menu items appear when you can easily list your products and corresponding details. You can add categories just like new posts and pages. Additionally, WooCommerce, by default, supports multiple gateways such as Stripe, EFT, PayPal, etc. 

ClickFunnels also comes with eCommerce functionality but the customization options are limited as compared to WordPress. One amazing thing about ClickFunnels is the convenience it offers as this platform is designed to optimize your store for conversions.

4- ClickFunnels VS WordPress – Which One Is Best?

If you need a website where you can write a lot of blogs or want to create an eCommerce store where you will list many products, choose WordPress!

ClickFunnels is amazing if you have an ebook, want to sell courses or have a few products to promote, and want to automate the whole process for the buyer.

For me, ClickFunnels is still on the expensive side even with all the essentials like hosting, domains, and plugins included in a package. WordPress on the other hand, if you use free themes(which can be easily customized) and plugins or buy these items with a one-time payment, is easy on the pocket.

One important thing to consider here is that if ClickFunnels is expensive, its main focus is to create a sales funnel and automate the process. So, it’s now up to you, if you want to go a step further and are willing to spend more for the sales funnel features, go for ClickFunnels.

👉🏻You can still make ClickFunnels-like landing pages in your WordPress theme. It will require more knowledge, time, and customization.

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